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Blobby Log Day 140 (part two)

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 9: Pantsylvania > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Evening; Day 140
Weather: Zoom!
Landscape: Woosh!


Hurry!  Always hurry!  We must get to Foodlandia before that Evil Mailbox tells Mr. Demon how to find Professor Island!  Blobby – use your boneless body to pick the lock on Vampire Pants’s castle door so we may re-enter and get our Dirigible off the roof.

Blobby: You want me to squeeze into that keyhole?  It’s dirty!

PF: THERE IS NO TIME FOR DICUSSIONS OF HYGIENE!  Besides, you are a blob, squeezing into small , dark crevices is the best part of being spineless!

Ugh.  Okay.  Roy, take dictation while I’m in there…

Roy: Uh… Okay. UM.  LIKe thiS?  Howt werk typmographer?  PF says it’s just like writing by handbutI don’t thinkso it is that easy – stop yelling!- yes I’m writing what you’re saying . .  this is hard. I wonder how the pink ninja is doing.  she sure wuz swell… whassat? Oh 0- asdfjkl

Blobby: Move over.  What’s this stuff?

Roy: Hey, typing is hard!  Everyone was talking so fast!

PF: Cease your bickering!  Thank you for picking the lock, Blobby – we are nearly to the roof…

Vampire Pants: BLEH!  Oh, hello – what’s up?

PF: This talking hankie –

Stubbler Hankie: Hello.

PF: – has told me how to return home.  I am all set to save my island from Mr. Demon!

Vampire Pants: That’s so great!  BLEH!  Let’s take you to your airship!

PF: Yipee!

Moustachia: Finawwy, ow twavews have puwpose!

Vampire Pants: Here she is, right where you blehft her!  I even laundered the kerchiefs for you.

Stubbler Hankie: Nice.

PF: Oh, thank you so much, Vampire Pants!

Vampire Pants: No problehm.  Say, did you convince those crazy pants mobs outside that I wasn’t a vampire and just regular, misunderstood pants?

PF: Ummm… You know, I do not think we really got around to that…

Vampire Pants: Oh.  Well, thanks anyway.  Let me help you into the basket here…

PF: Fire up the motor to this mother!  We… are… OFF!

Vampire Pants: Bye, Professor Fliggins!  You’re the only person who ever accepted me for who I am!

PF: Farewell, friend!

Vampire Pants: One last thing!  Did you lock the door?

PF: What was that?

Vampire Pants: The door! Did you lock it?

PF: Uhhh…

Good luck and good bye!Angry Pant Mob: The creature!

Hysterical Pant Mob: The dreamboat!

Vampire Pants: Oh no!

Pant Mobs: Get him!

PF: Bye now, Vampire Pants!  Good luck and such!  What a nice fellow…

Current Mood: Go go go!
Discoveries Made: Clean kerchiefs!

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