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Blobby Log Day 152

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning Rush Hour; Day 152
Weather: Sploosh-Kaboom!
Landscape: Blarsh! Warrrsssshhhooooom! Yeah!



Foodlandia Fish Stick Sentry: Look lively, boys!  These Devils are getting better at dodging the condiment cannons…


PF: Oh, how thrilling!

Hobo Sandwich: Yeah yeah, war is very exciting, just don’t get us blown up.  Now, go down there, by the Brussels sprout shrubs.

PF: Delicious!

Roy: Gross…

Hobo Sandwich: Then make a left toward the Salad Dressing Fountains…

Hobo Napkin: You’re not taking him past the Salad Dressing Fountains, are you?

Hobo Sandwich: Yes, Doreen, we go past the Fountains and up the Linguini Trellis – saves us seven minutes…

Hobo Napkin: At this time of day?  It’ll be packed!

Hobo Sandwich: Yeah, but there’s also A WAR GOING ON so I THINK sensible, non-lunatic Foodlandians are, you know, cowering in fear…

Hobo Napkin: Oh I’ll show YOU how to COWER.

Hobo Sandwich: I’d like to see you try!

PF: FRIENDS!  Please direct me through your countryside, otherwise when we are all decimated by the condiment cannons THEN we all get to be right.

Hobo Sandwich:

Hobo Napkin: Turn left here…

Current Mood: Glad I am not married.
Discoveries Made: The subjective nature of fastest routes to the Linguini Trellis.

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