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Blobby Log Day 28

As written by Professor Fliggins in Introduction > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 28; 3rd Quarter; 47th Term
Weather: Cloudy
Landscape: The Beach


Sneaking modeStill nothing, of course.

Encountered the first search party looking for me.  They had the gruz monsters with them – excellent search beasts they are.  I had to go to great lengths to avoid capture – the searchers calling my name are expert Discoverists, two Full Professors among them – but I outwitted them at every turn.  I really am quite pleased with myself.

Maybe I can start a cult of anti-social professors who break the Oath to Discover.  I shall found the University of Hiderists…  No!  Concealerists! – our institutions will have unhallowed halls built of air and whispers, our robes the shadows, our chalkboards this wet sand – erased clean by every high tide.

Perhaps the only way to be great in Post-Discoverism is to be a great Mystery, a great Nuisance, a great Nothing – opening not like a book but like the sky, not full of knowledge but full of absence.  Fame, one way or another, will be mine!

Current Mood: Maniacal! (Blobby Log Editorial Mood: a little frightened.)
Discoveries Made: None