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Blobby Log Day 155

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dawn; Day 155
Weather: Explodesy!
Landscape: The front of the line!


Supermarket City Store Manager: Municipal Customer Service, how can I help you?


PF: Yes, we should like very much to have audience with your ruler, Mr. Mom.

Hobo Sandwich: Mom is a woman!

PF: Mrs. Mom.  Please excuse my gender power assumptions.

Supermarket City Store Manager: Buddy, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a WAR going on – Mr. Demon and his Devils are on the verge of breaching our defenses.  Now unless you’d like to purchase some cigarettes or apply for food stamps, I’ll have to ask you to leave.

PF: We have come too far, I am sorry.  We are not leaving until we speak to Mom.

Supermarket City Store Manager: Security to Customer Service, Security to Customer Service, please.

PF: No!  If you do not let us in, then I shall… I shall…  Uh…  I shall take ANOTHER bite out of this sandwich fellow!


Hobo Sandwich: You better listen to him, Mac – he’s just crazy enough to do it!

Supermarket City Store Manager: Oh jeez!  Stand down, Security, we got some kind of lunatic CANNIBAL that EATS FOOD!

PF: That is right!  You ought to let me through!  I am unpredictable and attractive!

Mom...?Hobo Napkin: He’s delusional too!  Let him through to Mom!


?: What’s going on out here?  There’s no time for these shenanigans, Mr. Demon is almost through the… oh, lord.

Supermarket City Store Manager: Mom, this uncooked Turkey is threatening to EAT this SANDWICH!  It’s MADNESS!

Mom: I see.  Security, stand down.  You, Turkey, come with me…

PF: Yes, Mrs. Mom.

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Discoveries Made: Mom.

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