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Blobby Log Day 117

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 8: Kicky Village > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 117
Weather: Several different kinds of pollution.
Landscape: The Kicky Beach.


Big Kicky: Okay, gang – the big whale is moister, let’s try and kick him out to sea.

Kickies: Aye-aye!

…and it was then that…  wait, did you say “kick?”

Big Kicky: 1…  2… 3… KICK!


Blubba: Ow ow ow ow ow OW OW ow ow OW ow!

PF: He is not moving…

Big Kicky: Kick harder, Kickies!  Kick for your ancestors!

Blubba: I am being tenderized!

Blobby: Even though they’re not kicking him into the ocean, this is still pretty gratifying for me.  Kick ‘em good!

Big Kicky: *HUFF* Okay, stop stop…  *huff huff* this guy weighs a TON!Photopainting 117

Blubba: Seventeen tons, to be exact about it…

Kickies: Boo!

PF: I think the extra pummeling you gave him released even more odour.

Kickies: Aw!  *gag-cough* No he didn’t!

Blubba: Do not blame me for your activating of my stink glands.

Big Kicky: Okay, let’s get back to dousing this monster in water.  You, monocle boy.

PF: I am a man…

Big Kicky: While we try and take care of this reeking Blubba thing, please take this note twelve miles East to Kicky Village – we need reinforcements!

Big Kicky: You must hurry like you are made of legs, sir – the sooner more Kickies come, the faster we can build a more suitable Hydration Station!

PF: Yes, I can handle this task.  For the sooner we get Blubba back to normal, the faster I can Discover the secret location of my home.  Everyone shall win!

Blubba: Anyway, back to my death monologue…  Underhanded apology number seventy-nine: I am sorry to all the buffet owners whose generous “all you can eat” dinners I have abused and which led to their inevitable bankruptcy…

Current Mood: Excited to be moving away from Blubba!
Discoveries Made: I have a task! Helpful Fliggins is me!

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