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Blobby Log Day 143

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 10: Lumplands > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 143
Weather: Preachy.
Landscape: Super Lumpy.


Well, it has been SO LOVELY meeting you, Mr. Lump and chatting about… um… the environment and all…

Land Lump: Likewise, my child.

PF: Yes…

Land Lump: I am of the environment…

PF: Yes! We REALLY must be going though – we have, you know, AN ENTIRE ISLAND TO SAVE FROM EVIL and all…

Land Lump: Of course…

PF: Allllll right, let us…

Flying Devil #1: Heys! What’s thems?

Roy: Flying Devils!

PF: Eeep!

Blobby: We’re doomed!

Land Lump: Quickly, children – place these little Lumps on your heads.

PF: Huh?

Land Lump: The flying red anger will think you are just part of the Lumplands. Hurry!

PF: Very well… come here, you!

My Life Has Meaning!Little Lump: Tee hee! My life has meaning now!

PF: Ugh…

Flying Devil #1: Heys! What’s is goin’s on heres?

PF: (in a high-pitched, Lumpy voice) Oh, nothing at all, good sir! Just Lumping around!

Blobby: Yep! Lumpity doo da!

Roy: Mmmhmm!

Moustachia: We’w weawwy wumpy!

Flying Devil #1: Hmms… I don’ts knows…

Flying Devil #2: Hey, everyones knows that Lumps can’ts lie!

PF: (squeaky still) YES! We are allergic to fibbery!

Flying Devil #1: Okays, but we’s gonna stays patrolin’ the skies here…

Flying Devil #2: Yeahs – if somethin’ funny happens, yous is meat-dead-like!

PF: (so shrill, so shrill) Of course! We will resume our Lumping! Lump, lump, lump, lump… Eh, chums?

Blobby, Roy & Moustachia: Lump, lump, lump…

Flying Devil #1: What a bunch a maroons!

PF: Great. Now we cannot fly away. This is great… Super radical great…

Tattle Lump: Land Lump, the countryside! Look!

Land Lump: What is that, my little… OH MY SWEET GOODNESS NO!

PF: Whassat?

Land Lump: Look at all this LITTER! On my hilly Lumps! Oh no… oh goodness…

Roy: Hey, PF – isn’t that the garbage we dumped to lighten the Dirigible?

PF: Shh!


PF: Hmm… Yes… a real bum out, to be sure. I wish that we could stay and help, but we really must figure out how to leave… without flying… or removing these squishy camouflage Lumps from our noggins… Ugh…

Land Lump: AHHHH!

Current Mood: Confuzzled. That is right. I am confuzzled to the maximum.
Discoveries Made: The texture of the underside of a Lump.

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