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Blobby Log Day 150

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 150
Weather: Red Rain..?
Landscape: Tasty...


Lump Treads: Lump.  Lump.  Lump.  Lump.

PF: How much farther to Foodlandia, Stubbler Hankie?

Stubbler Hankie: I am not sure, Frederick.

Roy: Eeek!  Devils approaching!

Blobby: Eeek?

Flying Devils: Yucks!  We’s coateds!  Falls back!

PF: It looks as if they are covered in their own… blood?  It is drippy!

Flying Devils: Sicks!   It burns ands stuff!

Blobby: Hey!  They dripped on me!  The Devil blood!  Ahhhh!  AHhhh!  It’s getting all over, it’s getting in my mouth, it’s… kinda tasty?

PF: What?  Let me taste… That is not Devil blood.  It is Catsup!

Roy: Ketchup.

PF: What did I say?

Roy: Look!

PF: I think we are at Foodlandia…  Lumps, HALT!

Roy: Wow!  Looks like the Foodlandians are giving Mr. Demon a run for his evil money!

Foodlandia Fish Stick Guard: Ketchup cannons, FIRE AT WILL!


Mr. Demon: It’s just condiments, people – get back here and fight you ninnies!  Regroup! Regroup!

PF: HaHA!  That shall teach that old meanie!  Luckily, he appears to have his hands super full right now, buying us time.  My those are some fortified walls.  I am just now wondering how we ourselves expect to get through them, what with the war going on and all…

Blobby: Yeah, without getting a faceful of tomato justive ourselves…

PF: Let us disembark here, just outside the fracas…  We shall survey the surrounding area to see whether or not we can break in.

Roy: I dunno, PF – those walls are HUGE.  This place looks like the most fortified supermarket I’ve ever seen!

PF: Truth to that… Hmm… Supermarket… Foodlandia, for some unknown reason, has reminded me just how hungry I have become.

Moustachia: I wondew why…

PF: Oh look, a bagged lunch – just sitting here!

CRUNCH!Blobby: How eerily convenient…

PF: Let us peruse our spoils – eh, lads?  Chips, a napkin, and HELLO HAM SANDWICH!  Our luck is changing.  *CRUNCH*

?: ARGHHH!  My head!  My head and face!

PF: *mmph* Ruh-roh.

?: AHH-oweeow ow ow!

PF: Sorry, sir.  I, um…  Well, I really should have seen this coming…

Ham Sandwich: Oh!  Agony!

Oh!  Discovery!

Discovery Link!

Current Mood: It is very difficult to describe my Feelings right now...
Discoveries Made: The Hobo Lunch Bunch!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 147

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 10: Lumplands > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 147
Weather: Clean!
Landscape: Good as new! Everything is spic-and-span - even the dirt is no longer dirty.


Good!  All done!  Every last bit of refuse is being put to good use.

Dum-Lump: Lump – lookee at my fancy new plastic necklace.  It fits tight!

Dummer-Lump: Tray mag-nuh-feek!  Lump.

Dum-Lump: Lump.

Dummer-Lump: Lump.

Land Lump: Well this is a glorious day!  Thank you from the bottom of my lump!

PF: Oh my pleasure, now – how can we get our airship to Foodlandia without flying in these Devil infested skies?

Land Lump: Well just look at it, my child!

PF: Zounds!

Land Lump: We learned a lot from you!  Seeing how you were able to invent new uses for old junk, we have redesigned your junky old Dirigible into a new LAND-CRAWLER, with trendy Lumpy-treads!

PF: REMARKABLE!  How does it work?

Land Lump: You simply glide forward atop our gentle Lump-friends here and they will massage your ship across the land by pushing it on their rolling backs.  When they reach the rear of the vessel, they just lump on up to the front again in and endless stream of lumpgenuity!

Roy: But what if the Flying Devils look down and see this tank thing rolling over the hills?

Land Lump: We have painted a big Lumpity smiley face on top of the kerchief balloon!

Blobby: So they’ll think it’s just a big dumb Lump bopping along…

Moustachia: Bwilliant!

PF: That you so much for this, Land Lump!  If I could purchase you and keep  you on my home mantle I WOULD IN A HEARTBEAT.

Land Lump: That would nice, would it not?  And thank YOU, my child – it is because of your hard work that we are able to provide you with this gift.

PF: I retract all of the insults I have muttered under my breath these last few days.  You Lumps fellows are all right!

Land Lump: Delightful!  Now, hop aboard and go stop that littering Mr. Demon once and for all!

PF: Yes…  HE is the litterer.  Never forget, Land Lump.  Never again.  Lumps, AWAY!

Lump Treads: Lump.  Lump.  Lump.  Lump.  Lump…

Lump tank?!

Current Mood: Determined!
Discoveries Made: Yet another transformation to my Dirigible!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤