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Blobby Log Day 150

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 150
Weather: Red Rain..?
Landscape: Tasty...


Lump Treads: Lump.  Lump.  Lump.  Lump.

PF: How much farther to Foodlandia, Stubbler Hankie?

Stubbler Hankie: I am not sure, Frederick.

Roy: Eeek!  Devils approaching!

Blobby: Eeek?

Flying Devils: Yucks!  We’s coateds!  Falls back!

PF: It looks as if they are covered in their own… blood?  It is drippy!

Flying Devils: Sicks!   It burns ands stuff!

Blobby: Hey!  They dripped on me!  The Devil blood!  Ahhhh!  AHhhh!  It’s getting all over, it’s getting in my mouth, it’s… kinda tasty?

PF: What?  Let me taste… That is not Devil blood.  It is Catsup!

Roy: Ketchup.

PF: What did I say?

Roy: Look!

PF: I think we are at Foodlandia…  Lumps, HALT!

Roy: Wow!  Looks like the Foodlandians are giving Mr. Demon a run for his evil money!

Foodlandia Fish Stick Guard: Ketchup cannons, FIRE AT WILL!


Mr. Demon: It’s just condiments, people – get back here and fight you ninnies!  Regroup! Regroup!

PF: HaHA!  That shall teach that old meanie!  Luckily, he appears to have his hands super full right now, buying us time.  My those are some fortified walls.  I am just now wondering how we ourselves expect to get through them, what with the war going on and all…

Blobby: Yeah, without getting a faceful of tomato justive ourselves…

PF: Let us disembark here, just outside the fracas…  We shall survey the surrounding area to see whether or not we can break in.

Roy: I dunno, PF – those walls are HUGE.  This place looks like the most fortified supermarket I’ve ever seen!

PF: Truth to that… Hmm… Supermarket… Foodlandia, for some unknown reason, has reminded me just how hungry I have become.

Moustachia: I wondew why…

PF: Oh look, a bagged lunch – just sitting here!

CRUNCH!Blobby: How eerily convenient…

PF: Let us peruse our spoils – eh, lads?  Chips, a napkin, and HELLO HAM SANDWICH!  Our luck is changing.  *CRUNCH*

?: ARGHHH!  My head!  My head and face!

PF: *mmph* Ruh-roh.

?: AHH-oweeow ow ow!

PF: Sorry, sir.  I, um…  Well, I really should have seen this coming…

Ham Sandwich: Oh!  Agony!

Oh!  Discovery!

Discovery Link!

Current Mood: It is very difficult to describe my Feelings right now...
Discoveries Made: The Hobo Lunch Bunch!

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Blobby Log Day 142

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 10: Lumplands > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Noon; Day 142
Weather: Clear as heck!
Landscape: Hilly grassy hills of lumpy grassy hills.


Faster!  On to Foodlandia!  Double our speed!


Dump anything that slows us down overboard!


Get rid of all those used pie tins!  Do it now!  We do not need all these empty Bean cans and jars of warm Hot Dog water!  Get rid of all those plastic rings that used to house six-packs of Ginger Fizz.  Really, why were we keeping this stuff?  And what is this random log just sitting here? Toss it!

Wha!? Hey!

Oh, right.  We must not dump the Blobby Log… yet.  Are you sure you know how to get to Foodlandia, Hank?

Stubbler Hankie:

Very good.  Oh I do so hope we are able to beat Mr. Demon and his minions to Professor Island so he does not exploit all her natural resources.

What natuwal wesouwces?

Why knowledge and history and LOGIC, for starters.  In all my travels throughout these lands, I believe I have missed the cold, uncaring embrace of logic and reason the most.

Hey, PF – what’s that in the distance?

I do not know… it is like an undulating red thunder cloud.  Let me look upon it through my Expandable Monocular Discoverator…

What is it, Mama?

*ulp!* Oh dear.  Oh no, oh dear.  Mr. Demon is barreling towards us with more Devils than I have ever seen!  Gah!  We are done for!

But on a cloud?

O the fiends sit atop a wicked throne of the darkest vapor!  He wields weather patterns, the very moisture from the heavens, as his sinister Armageddon chariot!

Why is he talking wike that?

PF gets a little end-timesy when he’s scared…

Our day of judgment is nigh!


PF!  Land the airship behind that Dirigible-shaped hill!  Before Mr. Demon spots us!

A fate-defying suggestion!  Very well.  Descend!  Descend!

*F W O O O o o o O O O o o o M M psshhhhh*

Mr. Demon: Hey, did you guys see that big pimple-lookin’ thing fall out of the sky?

How dare he!


Flying Devil:
Noes, Boss.  We was havin’s evil-types day-dreams!

Mr. Demon:
Ah.  Carry on…

*W E E E e e R S S s S H H h h hH h bbbbbbraaaappppp!*

Mr. Demon: Professor Island, here we come!

PF: I shall show him a pimple!

Roy: That doesn’t sound right…

Blobby: PF, we can’t fight that many devils… especially without the Ninjas around… Man…

PF: *sigh* Truly.  If not for this rotund lump of land, we would already be goners…

?: It is my pleasure, brother.

PF: !  Who is speaking?

Roy: Was it that rock with a face?

PF: Yes – were you speaking at us, Face-Rock?


DISCOVERY!?: Guess again, my child.

PF: A ventriloquist rock, eh?  I am not impressed, Face-Rock!  My home is in peril!

Land Lump: Not the Lump, lad – the Land.  The Lump of Land itself, my child.

PF: Holy cripes, the hills have eyes!

Roy: And a mouth!

Land Lump: Tee-hee – when you run around in a panic like that it tickles!

PF: My goodness – we are treading about on this creature’s FACE!

Land Lump: No no.  Be unalarmed.  My face’s purpose is to be walked upon.  I quite enjoy it.  I hope you can grok that as well, earth children.

PF: Hmm… Well, I mean, I AM grateful for your shielding us.  Thank you, Lump of Land – I guess we were lucky to Discover you.

Land Lump: Oh, it is all MY PLEASURE.  Seriously.

PF: Hm… Yes… Discovery…

Land Lump

Current Mood: Kinda creeped out...
Discoveries Made: Land Lump!

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Blobby Log Day 88 (part one)

As written by Blobby in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 88
Weather: Stinky Dark.
Landscape: Foreboding!


Pink Ninja: Okay, looks like we’re at the lair, in the Grumpy Tree, just South of the Stink Lagoon, like the Flying Devil said.

Blobby: That Stink Lagoon.  So appropriately named.  If I had a nose or nose hairs, they’d be incinerated right now.

Pink Ninja: Hush!  We have to catch Mr. Demon off-guard, or else we’ll alert his minions and then we’ll all be Blobby Soup!

Roy: Sick!

Moustachia: Gwacious!

Pink Ninja: Moustachia, can you sneak in, tell us what he’s doing and if there’s anyone else in the lair?

Moustachia: Oh absowutewy!

Pink Ninja: All right, while she’s surveying the scene, you guys are gonna have to create a diversion so I can…

C R A S H ! ! !

Moustachia: AHHHH!  HEWP!

Wee Devils: Gets it!  It’s flyin’s aways into tha Forest!

Moustachia: AHHHH!

Blobby: Like that?

Pink Ninja: Yes.

Roy: That’s a lot of Devils.

Pink Ninja: Hopefully that’s all of them too.  Moustachia will have to evade them long enough for us to ambush Mr. Demon.

Blobby: Well let’s hurry and get PF quick or those Wee Devils will capture Mous-

Moustachia: AHHHH!

Blobby: -tachia.

Pink Ninja: Well, c’mon!  Quiet now…  You must move with the silent stealth of a stick bug…

Roy: Oh are those the ones that look like sticks?

Blobby: No, I think those are called “branch beetles.”

Pink Ninja: Just move silently and stealthily!

Wha?!?!Mr. Demon: How annoying…  Can’t I enjoy my evil newspaper without flying moustaches coming in and RUINING IT?  Where was I?  Hmm…  Hey, stock in evil paper clips is up!

Pink Ninja: That’s not the only thing that’s up, Mr. Demon!

Blobby: Yeah, the jig!  The jig is also up!

Roy: I think that was implied…

Mr. Demon: Huh?

P O W ! ! !

Mr. Demon: Ow, my glasses!

B I F F ! ! !

Mr. Demon: OOF!

D i n k ! ! !

Mr. Demon: That was a permanent tooth!

Pink Ninja: Hold still!  Blobby, Roy — use the straps of these Devil Wings to tie him to this evil stump!

Blobby: Roy can handle it; I have to continue typing this battle…

Roy: I’ll type you…

Pink Ninja: Good!  That’ll hold.  All right, you pile of weasels — where’s the Professor!

Mr. Demon: I’m not tell…

D i n k ! ! !

Mr. Demon: OW!  Geez!  Quit knockin’ out my teef, tomorrow’th taco night!

Pink Ninja: Well then talk!

Mr. Demon: He’th right over there!  I’m gonna need an evil dentitht…

PF: *Groan grumble…  No more torture, please – I am quite full…*

Moustachia: AHHHH!

Roy: He don’t look so hot.

Blobby: How are we gonna get out?  We have to carry PF, and he’s not what you’d call “low cal.”

Roy: We’re DOOMED!

Pink Ninja: Chill out!  Where’s that hot air balloon thingy you were talking about?

Blobby: The Dirigible is right outside, but it’s deflated of Bean Gas and it’s ripped!

Pink Ninja: Don’t worry.  Everyone take some Ninja Gum and blow bubbles into the empty air sack!

Roy: Ms. Ninja, you are very quick-witted in high-pressure situations…

Pink Ninja: Thanks!  Now hurry up and blow till your adorable little cheeks burst!  You too, uggo!

Mr. Demon: Why, I refuse to *mmph!*

[Blobby’s note: Approximately 10 minutes has passed…]

Blobby: That should do it!

Roy: My adorable little cheeks hurt!

Moustachia: AHHHH!  They’we hewe!

Pink Ninja: Everyone, into the basket!  You too, Professor – UNGH!  What’s this guy full of?

Roy: Knowledge.

Blobby: And cheese.  Lots of cheese.

Roy: Yeah, knowledge, but mostly cheese.

PF: *mmm*

Pink Ninja: Here we go!

Mr. Demon: I’ll get you for ruining taco night!  I know where Profethor Island ith, and oneth I conquer it, then I’ll rule the whole entire WORLD!  BWAhh-haha-ha! *spittle*

PF: *groan – where… cheese..?*

Current Mood: My cheeks hurt.
Discoveries Made: Mr. Demon wears glasses!

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Blobby Log Day 80

As written by Blobby in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: ...; Day 80
Weather: ...
Landscape: ...


Blobby: Man, these photopaintings are really freaking my stuff out.  Roy!  Snap out of it, Roy!

Moustachia: Snap, Woy!

Blobby: I think he’s actually photopainting PF’s nightmares.   Some of these pictures look kinda like Professors from back on the Island, but they’re all freaky Cyclopses.

PF: *grumble I am sorry I left you…*

Blobby: I don’t know…  Roy keeps making these nightmares, I think we’re gonna have to restrain him.  It’s not healthy!

Roy: Yar!

Blobby: Sorry old pal, it’s for your own good!

Flying Devil: Hey, you’s guys, let’s tickle this sleeping turnip!

Devils: Yeah yeah!  Tickle ‘em!

Blobby: Oh no!  PF!

PF: *Tee hee…  grumble grumble…  tee hee hee…  Shame – giggle giggle!*

?: What’s going on here?  Why are you tickling this grumbling mound of burlap?

Flying Devil: Sorries, bozz!  He’s been conked out fer a few days from da Dark Syrup – he fell rights into a big puddle of da stuff when we attacked hiz flyin’ airship here.

Boss: Ah, Dark Syrup… so effective, so evil.  What IS this creature anyway?

Flying Devil: We don’ts knows, but he’s super ticklish!

PF: *Tee hee!  Professor Island!  Take me back, baby!*

Flying Devil: Geez, he keeps mumblin’ and cryin’ bout this ‘professing eye gland’ – it’s pathetic I tell ya!

Boss: Hmmm…  Professor Island?  A whole place full of ingenious airship builders like this?  Surely, this sounds like a land we could invade and exploit.  Bring him into the Torture Spa, underlings – I want to Discover more about this Professor Island.

Mr. Demon?!Devils: Sure thing, Mr. Demon!

Blobby: Oh boy.  I better make a drawing of this Mr. Demon guy while Roy is incapacitated: he seems pretty important!

Moustachia: And ugwy!

Blobby: And ugly, Moustachia.  So ugly.

PF: *Mmph – If you do not cease making me laugh Professor Stubbler then you will make milk burst forth from my nostrils!*

Current Mood: ...
Discoveries Made: Mr. Demon!

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Blobby Log Day 79

As written by Blobby in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: ...; Day 79
Weather: ...
Landscape: ...


Blobby: Are you okay, Moustachia?

Moustachia: What awe they doing with Mama?

The Devils have him tied up in this dank lair.  Luckily, I don’t think they noticed us in the basket of the Dirigible when they dragged us in here.  Let’s just keep still and hopefully we can overhear a way to save Roy and PF.

PF: *mmph Shamey shame!  I left in shameity shame sham sham shame…*

Blobby: Poor, PF — these nightmares are pretty constant.

...Flying Devil:
Deez guy’s a real nutball, eh boyz?

Devils: Yeah yeah!  Nutball fer sures!

PF: I am sorry, Professor Ancestors!  I am sorry I am not a Baker!  *Grumble*

Flying Devil: The Dark Syrup really did a numba on this whack-a-mole, he’s tree kinds a’bonkers!  Wait’ll Mr. Demon meets this tube sock!  He’ll do like seven triple takes and be all, “Wha??  What a wingnut!”

Devils: Totes der buddy!  Totes!

PF: No! Get away scaried face Fellow!  I cannot help that I ran away, scaried, monocled face Fellow!  Fellooooow!!!

Current Mood: ...

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