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Blobby Log Day 157

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Evening; Day 157
Weather: Bleary-eyed!
Landscape: Dust-covered Foodlandia War-room.


There the last letter of plea is complete!


?: grrrroooannnn!

Fish Stick Guard Captain: Mom!  Mom!  Mr. Demon has broken through the Automatic Gates!  He’s turned the rural Foodlandians into some kind of ZOMBIES and they’re fighting us!

Mom: Oh no.

PF: Sounds like Mr. Demon has used his wicked Dark Syrup to add to his forces with your people, Mom.

Mom: Then we are lost for now.  Fish Stick Captain, your troops have fought bravely, now fall back to the Jello Mold Bunkers.  Evacuate Supermarket City.

Fish Stick Guard Captain: Yes, Mom.

Mom: You say Professor Island is just South of here?

PF: Yes, that is what I am told.

Mom: Then we will deliver your messages to all your friends around the continent, and tell them to meet us there.  Mr. Demon may get there first, but I think there is one last battle in us!

photopainting157PF: How heroic!  Moustachia, please fly to the Dirigible and have the Lumps bring it to the shore.


Zombie Pork Rind: Raaaarrrr!

Mom: To the Jello Bunkers!

Current Mood: Jostled!
Discoveries Made: Climacticality!

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