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As cataloged by Professor Fliggins & Blobby H. Rasmussen

Hello, friends! I have cataloged many things during my travels, and while I know you are most excited to read through all of them, I also know there are some of you who are busy Discoverists in your own right. As such, I have included these handy-dandy, easy-to-use listings below showing both the Chapters of my quest, as well as each individual entry I dictated to my Blobby Log in the order they were experienced.



Chapter 1 - Hotdog Kingdom:

Chapter 2 - Bean Village:

Chapter 3 - Moustachio Territory:

Chapter 4 - Dark Forest:

Chapter 5 - Ninjatown:

Chapter 6 - Isle of Detached Shawnimals:

Chapter 7 - The Big Blue:

Chapter 8 - Kicky Village:

Chapter 9 - Pantsylvania:

Chapter 10 - Lumplands:

Chapter 11 - Foodlandia:

Chapter 12 - Professor Island: