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Well, hello there…

As written by Professor Fliggins

Professor FligginsSalutations, fellow Discoverist!

I am Professor Frederick Fliggins and you now are reading my most intimate adventures as recorded in my own, Professor Island Standard-Issue Blobby Log.

Blobby is a stenographer-friend who records my reflections in this hollow piece of wood.  His partner, Roy H. Biv, is a photo-painting septapus who gazes out of the log’s porthole in order to graphically render the significant images of my excellent adventures.

As you well know, the goal of all Discoverists as we is to Discover the newness our world hides.  Please, friend, Read my Journal; Marvel at my Discoveries; become Acquainted with my Tools.

Should you feel brave as I, my new BFF, you too may Join the Adventure!  Cheerio!