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Blobby Log Day 154

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Fluorescent Afternoon; Day 154
Weather: Cloudy, with a chance of balls of meat.
Landscape: There are not THAT many savings...


Hobo Sandwich: Okay, we’re here!

Roy: What?

PF: That was not nearly as perilous as you had led me to believe.

Hobo Sandwich: Not perilous?

PF: No, we just had to walk from the back of Supermarket City to the front…

Hobo Napkin: Wow, a tough guy!

Hobo Sandwich: Lesser creatures have buckled under the weight of all those bargains and options.

Hobo Napkin: You’re not such a weenie after all!

PF: Thanks?

Hobo Sandwich: BUT BEWARE!  Now we must face THE SLOWEST MOVING LINE IN THE WORLD… WORLD… world…  *ahem* Sorry, I meant to just say that once.

Hobo Napkin: Wow, I guess that bite outta your skull DID make you dumber.  I didn’t think that was possible…

Hobo Sandwich: Not now, Doreen…  *GASP!* LOOK!  That old Can of Prunes is attempting to pay their property taxes IN PENNIES!  OH, THE HORROR!

PF: It is okay, Hobo friends.  We shall just wait our turn in line.

Blobby: When did YOU get so patient?

PF: Blobby, we have here our first REAL CHANCE at speaking with Mom, at saving Professor Island from Mr. Demon – we cannot jeopardize that chance by disrupting the native customs with our line-jumping.

Hobo Sandwich: Yeah, besides, Supermarket City has a strict “No-Cuts-No-Buts-No-Coconuts” policy.

Hobo Napkin: Those poor, marginalized Coconuts…

PF: We shall wait.  I must practice my plea to Mom anyway.

Current Mood: Not lost.
Discoveries Made: "I came in here for a special offer: a guaranteed personality..."

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