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Blobby Log Day 118 (part two)

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 8: Kicky Village

Timestamp: Evening; Day 118
Weather: What is the opposite of delicious?
Landscape: Bed and Breakfast!



I wonder how long I am supposed to stay at this Bed and Breakfast before the Kickies will need me to show them the way back to stinky Blubba…

Bed and Breakfast Kicky: Well hopefully you’ll stay long enough for Breakfast!

Blobby: I dunno…  This smell from Blubba’s sweaty beached body is getting pretty unappetizing.

Moustachia: Yeah, bweakfast seems impossibew.

B and B Kicky: Oh please don’t say that!  Kickies losing their appetites will put me outta business!

Roy: Yeah, and no hands means they can’t even plug their noses.

B and B Kicky: I’ll be ruined!

PF: Yes.  Let us get some rest and maybe by tomorrow we shall all like the flavor of rotting flesh in our omelets…

B and B Kicky: Here’s hopin’!

Current Mood: Exhaustimatated.
Discoveries Made: Bed, then, presumably, Breakfast.

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