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Blobby Log Day 160

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 12: Professor Island > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 160
Weather: Hungry!
Landscape: Getting messier...


*Battle Noises*

PF: Gracious, this ongoing struggle between good and evil is making me PECKISH! What is this? A sandwich laying here, just for me?

Hobo Sandwich: Oh no, not again! Don’t eat me, you idiot!

PF: Just a tiny bite for the road…

Hobo Sandwich: OWWWW! My head! My… say… what’s going on? Where am I?

PF: Oh sticks of fiddling, I have bitten Mr. Sandwich again. Are you okay, sir?

Hobo Sandwich: I’m fine. Just fine. In fact, I feel pretty nice. I’d say, everything’s ALLLL RIGHT!

PF: I am so very sorry to have eaten part of your head again, Mr. Sandwich – you are very tasty and…

Hobo Sandwich: No, it’s fine. Totally cool. These things happen. We’re still cool though, right? My man? My maaaaaaain man!

PF: Hmmmm….

Hobo Sandwich: Professor Fliggins, my main dude! You and me, brother man, we’re gonna be groovy forever!

PF: Now this is peculiar. This sandwich was just a minute ago one of the most bitter, unpleasant fellows I have ever met. Now this.

Hobo Napkin: I think you bit the part of his brain that makes him irritable…

Hobo Sandwich: Sky rockets in flight… afternoon delight! Aaaaaafternoon delight!

PF: Fascinating. He seems otherwise unharmed.

Hobo Napkin: Yeah… I think I like him better like this.

PF: I as well. Right then, back to the war!

Hobo Sandwich: Hey, anyone wanna hear my poetry?

Current Mood: Satisfied.
Discoveries Made: I could have been a surgeon!

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