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Blobby Log Day 35

As written by Professor Fliggins in Introduction > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Evening; Day 35; 3rd Quarter; 47th Term
Weather: The clouds never looked so friend-like.
Landscape: The Beach


Clipping!So I am now a thief.  On top of all my other transgressions, I have added thievery!  Thiefer, me!

I have taken approximately one hundred handkerchiefs from the sills of Baker Professors who placed them unsuspectingly atop delicious analytical pies.  I have done so for Discovery, though more and more it seems I am symbolically using the Professor Island Oath as my own personal handkerchief for which to store my metaphorical snots.  I do apologize for symbolically snotting on you Oath I hold so dear, but my theft is justified – I Believe.

I am building a Dirigible.  The kerchiefs, when sewn together, will be the balloon, or envelope, where air will be stored.  And the only air I know to be light enough for such an airship is tasty Ginger Fizz Bubble Air.

Current Mood: Thieferific!
Discoveries Made: Moral Compromise