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Blobby Log Day 68 (part 2)

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 3: Moustachio Territory > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 68
Weather: Almost unreal yet...
Landscape: Part Heaven, Part Space.


What an exhausting life you lead!  I had no idea a Barber could work so hard!

Whiskerton: Today was nothin’!  You should be there on Cowlick Tamin’ Day!  Them suckers is vola-tile!

PF: Gracious!

Whiskerton: Yep, it’s hard work, but I got a good life.  I can’t complain none.

PF: I admire you.  I suppose it is nice to know what ones calling is.

Whiskerton: Well, what’s yours?

PF: I would like to say “Discovery!” as is my instinct, but that does not capture it all.  I feel more and more that I must fly, as the Moustachios do.  That seems closer to the mark.  Sometimes the sky calls…

Whiskerton: Why flyin’?  What’s wrong with walkin’?

PF: Oh to be in the skies, with access to ALL the directions.  Featherless wings.  I love it, Whiskerton.

Well I hope we can get you back to your skies.

I am GOING to go back there someday.  *sniff*

Whiskerton: Hey, Fred, you got some stuff in your ‘stache.

PF: Oh?

Whiskerton: Lemme get it…

?: MAMA!

PF: Ooof!

Aw, get off the man, Baby ‘Stache!

Baby ‘Stache: Mama!

PF: What is this thing attacking my face!

Whiskerton: Um, well, it’s a Baby Moustachio, and I think she thinks your moustache is her mama.

PF: Oh dear!

Whiskerton: Baby ‘Stache, that man’s face is not your mama!

Baby ‘Stache: Mama!

It is hurting me!

Whiskerton: She’s just bein’ affectionate.

PF: OW!  I believe it is tearing the moustache from off of my face!

Whiskerton: Oh boy.  Just relax and maybe she’ll loosen her death grip.

PF: Why is this happening?  Ugh.  That is better.

Baby ‘Stache: *purr*  Mama…

PF: Shhh…  That is a good, surprisingly strong girl-‘stache…  Whiskerton, where did you acquire this cute tiny thing?

Whiskerton: Well, um, this Baby ‘Stache was sittin’ in the Goatee Hedges I was trimmin’ and she was shiverin’ and shakin’ and I almost hurt her bad with my big shears.  I could tell she was abandoned because her Moustachio name tag was removed.  I didn’t know what to do, so I took her home and been takin’ care of her since.  Please don’t tell no one about her!  I could get in so much trouble from Beards and Moustachios alike!

PF: I shant tell, but Whiskerton, my face is not this creature’s mother.

I know, I know, but she’s harmless, Fred.  I’m more worried about bein’ found out now.  Beards don’t much like Moustachios and vice versa – neither of ’em would be too happy to find out I been takin’ care of someone that weren’t my own kind.  But what was I supposed to do, she coulda been Barbered!

PF: Well, I do not blame you, sir.  She is quite adorable.

Baby ‘Stache: *purrr*  Mama…

Whiskerton: Oh boy…

Field Drawing: Baby Stache

Current Mood: Though Whiskerton is uneasy, there is much more comfort to be found here than I first imagined.
Discoveries Made: There's not a word yet/for old friends who have just met...

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