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Blobby Log Day 118 (part one)

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 8: Kicky Village > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Noon; Day 118
Weather: Still rank.
Landscape: Athletic!


Ah, this village full of soccer fields and racetracks must be Kicky Village.  How odd that these peoples are defined by one very specific action…  I suppose not much surprises me anymore – I am numb to ridiculous new civilizations it seems.

Scenic yet stinkyDistressed Kicky: Criminey!  Who are you and why did you bring this horrible fish stench with you?


Distressed Kicky: What?

Whales are mammals, you should ask us “why did you bring this horrible mammal stench with you?”

Distressed Kicky:
Nevermind the taxonomic distinction of it, are you the reason for this stink?

Sort of!

Here is the note one of your kicking compatriots told me to deliver to you.  It is our only task.

Distressed Kicky:
(reading) “Cannot Kick this unbearable stink mound to sea – please bring the equipment for a whale-sized Hydration Station.  The monocle man can show you the way, but you can probably just follow the smell.”  Well, you hear that Kickies?  Whale-sized Hydration Station – GO!

Goodness! So much immediate Kicky bustle!  These characters are organized to the maximum!

Distressed Kicky:
This’ll take a little time to coordinate – why don’t you wait the night at one of our famous Bed and Breakfasts till we need you.

Are you sure we cannot help?  We have hands!

Roy: I got seven of ‘em!

Distressed Kicky: Go wait at the Bed and Breakfast

Current Mood: I have never kicked a breakfast out of bed!
Discoveries Made: Kicky Village!

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