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Blobby Log Day 105

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 7: The Big Blue > Vol. 1

Timestamp: WHO KNOWS; Day 105
Weather: The Sun beats down unto our brows like a PUNK.
Landscape: Water water, everyplaces.



Blobby: Maybe we could pass the time with you apologizing again for being such a butt-brain on the Isle of Detached Shawnimals.  And in general.

PF: This is not a desirable proposition.

Roy: But appropriate.

PF: We have been on the currents of Big Blue for some time, 80% of that has been spent apologizing to you three.  I believe I have paid my penance to the sorry-Gods.

Moustachia: Not weawy.

PF: Blerg.  Where and what is a Blubba anyway?  I have run out of ideas on how to summon this beast.


Roy: What the…

Blobby: We’re taking on water!

Moustachia: We’w gonna dwown!

PF: What disproportionately adorable last words if so, Moustachia.  Freckle-sand, mend our broken hull.

Freckle-sand: Yes, sir!

Blubba!PF: What have we aground-run into?

Roy: It’s some kind of bulbous, leathery island!

Blobby: Unattractive too.

?: That’s my head, thank you very much.  I knew I should have tried a more funky hairstyle.  I told the scrumps this one made my head appear bulbous.  Bulbous is unfunky to the extreme.  Oh dear.  Oh darn.

PF: This is a talking island.  Perhaps it is a Detached portion of the Isle of the Detached.  How anti-anti-social!

?: I am not an island piece.  I am a Blubba.  Which is to say, my name is Blubba.  I’m Blubba.

PF: Our savior!  Blubba!  Tell us how to get to Professor Island!

Blubba: Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.  It should be very simple.  I think that finding that place is going to be the easiest thing that has ever happened in Thing History.

Caloo!  Discovery!!!

Limited Edition Plush Discovery 7

Current Mood: PUMPED.
Discoveries Made: Blubba!

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