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Blobby Log Day 107

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 7: The Big Blue > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 107
Weather: Sunburny.
Landscape: Waves waving at me - "Come," they wave, "Come swim away from this verbose blowhard."


So much speaking!Blubba: …and many don’t know this, but the whole world was once made of a loose-knit corduroy.  It is true, or at least I have it on good account from my Great Uncle Toby that it was so.  Uncle Toby was possibly the finest sunburnt blubba that ever cut through these salty salty seas.  And you think MY hair is majestic?  Well, my little friend, you should have seen the powerful coif on ol’ Toby Whale!  Majestic times ten!  Eleven!  Twelve! Thir…

PF: Fascinating, my friend! A whole day of nonstop speaking, Blobby.  Surely, this fellow will get to the actual occasion of his birth in this bottomless life story.

Blobby: Erg.

Current Mood: Erg! That is the Word, my man!
Discoveries Made: Erg.

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