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Blobby Log Day 100

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 6: Isle of Detached Shawnimals > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 100
Weather: Sandy and sunny
Landscape: Tropical with a hint of shanty


I should not have even brought you to this feast, so do not mess up my important dinner with Professor Professor.  There is no place for your jealousy here!

Blobby: I won’t screw up your dinner with the High Chancellor, PF.  Even though you’re so messed up you can’t even tell the difference between a giant pile of appendage loose-ends from Professor Professor.

Bingo Clem: Hey, everybuddies!  How are you?

PF: Marvelous, my esteemed colleague!  I feel like every day of my new life is like getting a foot massage on the moon!

Roy: Is that good?

Bingo Clem: Yipee!  We’re all so glad you like it here, Mr. Fliggins.  We can all tell you’re gonna be someone special here – you’re important to us.

PF: Well thank you, Professor Monkey Claw!  At least SOMEONE appreciates me.

Moustachia: Ugh.

Blobby: What a diva.

Bingo Clem: We DEFINITELY appreciate you, sir-buddy!  That’s why the High Chancellor called this dinner meeting.  Oh here it is now!

(loud, unbearably out-of-tune trumpets)

Blobby: GAH!

High Chancellor Mouth #1: Welcome, welcome, all.  Please, please be seated.  We have many delicious and detached foods to chew!

PF: Thank you, Professor.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: Thank YOU, Professor.

High Chancellor Mouth #3: Pass the detached peaches, please.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: It is an honor having a hero of your stature in my palace, Mr. Fliggins.

PF: Well, it is an honor being treated like how I deserve.  FINALLY.

High Chancellor Mouth #3: mmph-chew-yeth-slurp-finally!

High Chancellor Mouth #2: You know, you are more than our ordinary new resident here,

PF: I have been feeling very EXTRAordinary, sir.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: You are.  You are.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: Can I tell you a story?  It is a very old one for us.

PF: But, of course!

High Chancellor Mouth #2: Very well.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: Long ago, of course, this isle was quite bare.  The only acceptance these shores knew was a cultivating of silence and empty.

PF: Mm-hmm…

High Chancellor Mouth #3: Blurrrp.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: One day, a very grumpy sailor creature washed ashore onto this very isle.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: This was many centuries ago…  the isle, uninhabited…

High Chancellor Mouth #2: Yes.  The sailor-thing was sure he was soon, at any moment, going to be greeted by beautiful native ladies who would dump on him island treasures and native lady affections.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: Therefore, each night for a week he made sure to shave off his moustache so as to most handsomely receive these hypothetical island maidens for a date.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: Of course, these fictional native women never arrived.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: And his seven shorn ‘staches awoke and banded together to eject this grumpy fellow from the isle, least of all for his problematic views on the instincts of beautiful island maidens.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: The Seven ‘Staches surveyed the land decided to create an entire society here, a place where the pieces of whole folks on the mainland could run away to if the part rejected the whole.

High Chancellor Mouth #1: You have met the Moustachios earlier in your travels?

PF: Yes, I am this ones “Mama”.

Moustachia: You’w acting wike a jewk-mama.

High Chancellor Mouth #2: This little Moustachio and you – Professor of the ‘Stache – have returned to us for a reason.

High Chancellor Mouth #3: These yams are detach-a-licious!

High Chancellor Mouth #1: After the isle had accepted an eclectic cadre of broken and disillusioned creatures from around our World, the Seven Shorn ‘Staches who founded this great society, proud of their accomplishments but still the ultimate Detachers, broke a piece of the Island off, and flew it away to start a world just for Moustachios.

High Chancellor Mouth #4: The Prophecy has spoke that one day the Moustaches will return.

Blobby: Oh goodness.

PF: I agree with your third mouth, oddly-shaped Professor Professor, these are great yams!

High Chancellor Mouth 1-4: Professor Fliggins, we believe that you are the Moustaches that have returned to us to save us from Sadness!

PF: Of course I am!

(rustling in the feather palms behind us…)

Blobby: This is no good.  Hey, what’s that?

Crown-shaped Thing: Hey, don’t look at me!

Roy: Is that Crowny?

Blobby: Get him!

Fugitive Crowny: Eep!!!


Current Mood: Yammy
Discoveries Made: Many, many mouths!

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