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Blobby Log Day 110

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 7: The Big Blue > Vol. 1

Timestamp: ...; Day 110
Weather: ...
Landscape: ...


ZzzzzzzzzPF: *sssNNNNAARghhhhhh* huh? WHA-ba-dat? Whooba?  Uh. Oh.  I must have dozed off.  I see Blubba is still going strong.

Blubba: My father had nothing but contempt for my mother,

Moustachia: *yaa w W W w n* It’s been going fowevew…

Blubba: and rightly so; she, like all female creatures, was cursed with a stupidity of spirit so pervasive,

PF: Indeed, this is the fifth day in a row of continuous speaking in this animal’s life story and the thing has yet to be born.  Blobby, please do not stop taking dictation in case he reveals the location of our beloved Professor Island – drink your caffeinated beverages and please use your auxiliary Typomagrapher to simultaneously record what I say and what Sunburnt Blustery Blubba over here says.  Do you understand?

Blubba: were she also cursed with feet, she surely would have great difficulty in the tying of her own shoelaces,

Blobby: Mmmph-hmm…

Blubba: as all feminine creatures cursed with feet have an immense deficit in the shoe-tying department.

PF: What was that?

Blubba: And my father could tell that my mother would hardly even know what a shoe was,

Blobby: Mmph-myumph…

Blubba: let alone the proper method for its fastening to her hypothetical feet,


Blubba: which is why he did not permit her to watch him chew his dinners,

Blobby: Garggh!

Blubba: she would most certainly have a cranial failure

Roy: I don’t think he can type two conversations at once and talk to you too.

Blubba: if she had to witness such a complicated feat of motor skill coordination,

Blobby: Ba-hummmgh!

Blubba: that poor insufferable simple twit-mom.

PF: I see.  Well, surely if he COULD talk, he would not complain about this predicament for HE is the one who convinced me to tolerate this enormous arrogance mammal.

Blubba: But she is not to be blamed for the curse of her gender,

Blobby: Grrrrr…

Blubba: just as I am not to be blamed for all the curses that have befallen me by being her son,

PF: Keep up the good work, Blobby – we are all going below deck on the dirigible-boat to sleep.  Cheerio!

Blubba: but just to be clear what we are not to be blamed for, I would like to present to you the Forty-Five Blameless Curses of my Life…

Blobby: Blerg…

Blubba: Number One Blameless Curse: My father.  He was even dumber than my dumb mother.  Men, by and large, are the most completely and thoroughly idiotic turd-brains that ever were…

Current Mood: GOING to BED.
Discoveries Made: Blobby's Incredible Blobby Log Dual Typing SKILLZ.

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