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Blobby Log Day 150

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 11: Foodlandia > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 150
Weather: Red Rain..?
Landscape: Tasty...


Lump Treads: Lump.  Lump.  Lump.  Lump.

PF: How much farther to Foodlandia, Stubbler Hankie?

Stubbler Hankie: I am not sure, Frederick.

Roy: Eeek!  Devils approaching!

Blobby: Eeek?

Flying Devils: Yucks!  We’s coateds!  Falls back!

PF: It looks as if they are covered in their own… blood?  It is drippy!

Flying Devils: Sicks!   It burns ands stuff!

Blobby: Hey!  They dripped on me!  The Devil blood!  Ahhhh!  AHhhh!  It’s getting all over, it’s getting in my mouth, it’s… kinda tasty?

PF: What?  Let me taste… That is not Devil blood.  It is Catsup!

Roy: Ketchup.

PF: What did I say?

Roy: Look!

PF: I think we are at Foodlandia…  Lumps, HALT!

Roy: Wow!  Looks like the Foodlandians are giving Mr. Demon a run for his evil money!

Foodlandia Fish Stick Guard: Ketchup cannons, FIRE AT WILL!


Mr. Demon: It’s just condiments, people – get back here and fight you ninnies!  Regroup! Regroup!

PF: HaHA!  That shall teach that old meanie!  Luckily, he appears to have his hands super full right now, buying us time.  My those are some fortified walls.  I am just now wondering how we ourselves expect to get through them, what with the war going on and all…

Blobby: Yeah, without getting a faceful of tomato justive ourselves…

PF: Let us disembark here, just outside the fracas…  We shall survey the surrounding area to see whether or not we can break in.

Roy: I dunno, PF – those walls are HUGE.  This place looks like the most fortified supermarket I’ve ever seen!

PF: Truth to that… Hmm… Supermarket… Foodlandia, for some unknown reason, has reminded me just how hungry I have become.

Moustachia: I wondew why…

PF: Oh look, a bagged lunch – just sitting here!

CRUNCH!Blobby: How eerily convenient…

PF: Let us peruse our spoils – eh, lads?  Chips, a napkin, and HELLO HAM SANDWICH!  Our luck is changing.  *CRUNCH*

?: ARGHHH!  My head!  My head and face!

PF: *mmph* Ruh-roh.

?: AHH-oweeow ow ow!

PF: Sorry, sir.  I, um…  Well, I really should have seen this coming…

Ham Sandwich: Oh!  Agony!

Oh!  Discovery!

Discovery Link!

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Discoveries Made: The Hobo Lunch Bunch!

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