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Blobby Log Day 91

As written by Blobby in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 91
Weather: Ouchy on my face.
Landscape: A bed?


Blobby: Unh… My face feels like it was passed through the gears of the Professor Island Clocktower…

Roy: You and me both, sister.

PF: Well do not sit there feeling sorry for yourselves, boys – we have Discoveries to Discover!

Blobby: Oh, hey, PF.

Roy: Hey…

PF: Blobby, Roy – when I say something consciously and in character like that, you are supposed to exclaim an exclamation, then run to me for triumphant embraces!

Blobby: Sorry, PF – my face hurts too much…  from the evil purge…

PF: Well, I feel like I deserve triumphant embraces!

Moustachia: MAMA!

PF: *Ooof!* Hello, little Moustachia.  Did you miss your mama?

Moustachia: Oh, TEWIBWY!

PF: Mama missed you too, tiny one.  Your affection levels are QUITE appropriate for the occasion.

Blobby: Ugh.

Ol’ Master Ninja: Ah, good to see you up and moving all!  Welcome back from the brink of darkness!

PF: Thank you, Old Master!

Detox...Ol’ Master Ninja: Now, Professor, because you and Roy here have been extra-infected with the evil Dark Syrup, we are going to have to have you practice all kinds of joyful meditation, to give the last bits of menace the ol’ heave-ho!

PF: Of course!  I certainly still feel a little evil – especially toward my ungrateful compatriots here.

Blobby: What the…

Roy: It’s not worth it, man.

Ol’ Master Ninja: Well, get some rest.  I shall check on you again shortly.

PF: Word up, son!

Blobby: *Sigh…*

Current Mood: Okay, Blobby, I shall resume my Professorial duties reporting in this portion of the log. You have done valiantly while I was under the spell of the Dark Syrup. Thank you, dear friend.
Discoveries Made: The evil depths of my soul!

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