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Blobby Log Day 119 (part two)

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 8: Kicky Village > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Noon; Day 119
Weather: P.U.
Landscape: Quaint Li'l Kicky Village.


Head Kicky: The Hydration Station is assembled and, at your lead, ready to be taken to the mouth of this river of odors.

Roy: Hey, it’s a big fancy shower!

Head Kicky: Whale-sized.

Blobby: So you’re just gonna clean him?

Head Kicky: Yes.  Hopefully that will diminish the bite of his body flavors.

PF: But that will not fix the issue of an enormous orating cetacean atrophying on your shores.

Head Kicky: Well, we must stop the bleeding of this stinky wound – it’ll ruin our whole Kick-economy!

Blobby: Why?

Head Kicky: No one will want to buy lunch if everyone’s losing yesterday’s… lunch…

Allllll right.  Let us go band-aid up this axe-wound.  Follow me!

Head Kicky:
Kickies – TO THE BEACH!

Current Mood: In charge! I guess!
Discoveries Made: A new-found ability to go with the flowing!

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