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Blobby Log Day 120

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 8: Kicky Village > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 120
Weather: You can cut the stench with elementary school scissors!
Landscape: Once again, the Kicky Beach.


*Hargh* Here it is.  Here he is.

Blubba: …and then once, in the fourth grade, I ate all the paste… OF A THOUSAND PASTE TANKERS…

Roy: Now that’s what I call a sticky situ…

Big Kicky: Thank the almighty Soccer Gods you’re here!  Have you got the Hydration Station?

Head Kicky: Yes.  But we had no idea…

Blobby: You can’t clean the stink of his words out of the air.

Head Kicky: Well – start showering the beast!

Kickies: Aye-aye!

PF: You know, gents, I think we should just ask Kane, the lone Stealth Kicky for help…


*record screeching to a stop*

PF: I did not realize a record was even playing…

Big Kicky: You’ve talked to Kane!

Yes, indeed.  He has a minor breaking and entering problem, but once the proper friendship boundaries are established, I believe he shall make a good friend.  Odd, but good!

Head Kicky: Charlie, you set up a base camp with team Cranapple – Gorgex, you assemble the Hydration Station with team Snickerdoodle – you, monocle boy, come with me!

So assertive!

Blubba: …Oh you think I couldn’t fit that much rotting compost inside me, but I got enough in there for years of gardening!  Years!  YEARS!!!

Fig 10 Whale Hydration Station

Current Mood: The Kickies kick okay, but Blubba has been kicking the peaches out of my olfactory senses.
Discoveries Made: And they are simultaneously organized and adorable! I want to hug them whenever they say assertive things! So cuddly!

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