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Blobby Log Day 80

As written by Blobby in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: ...; Day 80
Weather: ...
Landscape: ...


Blobby: Man, these photopaintings are really freaking my stuff out.  Roy!  Snap out of it, Roy!

Moustachia: Snap, Woy!

Blobby: I think he’s actually photopainting PF’s nightmares.   Some of these pictures look kinda like Professors from back on the Island, but they’re all freaky Cyclopses.

PF: *grumble I am sorry I left you…*

Blobby: I don’t know…  Roy keeps making these nightmares, I think we’re gonna have to restrain him.  It’s not healthy!

Roy: Yar!

Blobby: Sorry old pal, it’s for your own good!

Flying Devil: Hey, you’s guys, let’s tickle this sleeping turnip!

Devils: Yeah yeah!  Tickle ‘em!

Blobby: Oh no!  PF!

PF: *Tee hee…  grumble grumble…  tee hee hee…  Shame – giggle giggle!*

?: What’s going on here?  Why are you tickling this grumbling mound of burlap?

Flying Devil: Sorries, bozz!  He’s been conked out fer a few days from da Dark Syrup – he fell rights into a big puddle of da stuff when we attacked hiz flyin’ airship here.

Boss: Ah, Dark Syrup… so effective, so evil.  What IS this creature anyway?

Flying Devil: We don’ts knows, but he’s super ticklish!

PF: *Tee hee!  Professor Island!  Take me back, baby!*

Flying Devil: Geez, he keeps mumblin’ and cryin’ bout this ‘professing eye gland’ – it’s pathetic I tell ya!

Boss: Hmmm…  Professor Island?  A whole place full of ingenious airship builders like this?  Surely, this sounds like a land we could invade and exploit.  Bring him into the Torture Spa, underlings – I want to Discover more about this Professor Island.

Mr. Demon?!Devils: Sure thing, Mr. Demon!

Blobby: Oh boy.  I better make a drawing of this Mr. Demon guy while Roy is incapacitated: he seems pretty important!

Moustachia: And ugwy!

Blobby: And ugly, Moustachia.  So ugly.

PF: *Mmph – If you do not cease making me laugh Professor Stubbler then you will make milk burst forth from my nostrils!*

Current Mood: ...
Discoveries Made: Mr. Demon!

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Blobby Log Day 78

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Blarp; Day 78
Weather: Gargamel.
Landscape: Blerble.


...Blobby: Moustachia, I don’t think PF and Roy are gonna wake up…

PF: *grumble grumble the Oath grumble*

Moustachia: Not gonna wake up?  Mama, no!

Blobby: Well, not unless we help them.  Whatever this dark syrup is, I think it’s put them into some sort of trance.  PF seems to be having constant nightmares, and Roy seems to be photopainting them still.  It’s kinda scary.

PF: *mumble grumble THE OATH!  I BROKE THE PROFESSOR ISLAND OATH! grumbbb*

Blobby: Shh!  We better find some kind of cure soon, or those Flying Devils are gonna hear him and we’ll be cooked for sure!

PF: *umph! No Professor Stubbler, do not bake me!  Do not bake my buns for Oath-breaking!  My buns thoroughly apologize, Professor Stubbler!*

Moustachia: Quiet, Mama!

Flying Devil: Heya!  I thinks I hearded somethins from ova heerre!

Blobby: Uh-oh!

Moustachia: We’w cooked!


Flying Devil: Heere thay are!

Current Mood: Dargle.
Discoveries Made: I AM SORRY I LEFT IN SHAME!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 77

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Sticky; Day 77
Weather: Blurble!
Landscape: Blarble!


NO PASTRIES!Where am I?  Where am I?  Is this sticky-town?  Am I in Sticky-Town?

Blobby: My files are everywhere; I think we landed in some kind of sticky puddle.

Roy: *Gurgle-gurgle-gurgle*

PF: Sticky Town!

Blobby: Yes, you said that, PF.

PF: So sticky.  Who is that there?

Blobby: No one’s there, PF.  Are you sleeping?  It looks like your eyes are closed.

PF: Go away you!  I do not have any baked goods for you!  I do not even enjoy baking!

Blobby: Um, Roy, what’s happening?  Oh man, your whole floor of the log is covered in this sticky syrup stuff.

Roy: Blurp!

PF: Leave me alone!  I am sorry I do not know about BAKING!


*sniffle* Why is Mama acting so weiwd?

Blobby: I don’t know, but let’s stay away from this sticky dark stuff.

Pies!  Leave me be!

Current Mood: Loveraged!
Discoveries Made: Paulbert!

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