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Blobby Log Day 135

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 9: Pantsylvania > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 135
Weather: I own these clouds, yos!
Landscape: Ever-shifting!


What a marvelous trip!  If I were not worried about getting home to Professor Island so badly, I would have stopped to see more sights!  I should really transcontinentally fly more frequently!  I got to see beautiful Mount Feroshi, Ninjatown, that dread Dark Forest, the Hot Dog Kingdom, Bean Village, and your home Mostachia – the Moustachio Territory.  I am becoming quite the mental cartographer!

Moustachia: UGH.  I’m bawed!

PF: I am bored too.

Blobby: Hey, what’s that pants-shaped building?

Roy: Looks a little spooky!

PF: Could it be we are finally at Pantsylvania!  Let us take her down on the roof of that scary pants-shaped mansion and find out!  Descend!  Descend!

Blobby: Who’s he talking to?

PF: I shall fasten the anchor here.  Now let us see if anyone is at home.  Hullo!  Hullo in there!  Any helpful ghouls?



PF, Blobby, Roy, Moustachia: Ahhhhh!

Blobby: Where did that lightning come from?

PF: That does not matter!  Who said that?

?: Me!


PF, Blobby, Roy, Moustachia: Ahhhhh!

Blobby: It’s not even cloudy…

DISCOVERY!?: Why did you land on my house?  Bleh!

PF: We… we…  wanted to…

?: Bleh!  Bleh!  Out with it!

PF: Oh please do not murder us, Mr. Vampire!  I am still relatively youngish!

Vampire: Bleh?


Not a Vampire: Bleh!  For the last time, I’m not a Vampire!  Did those other narrow-minded Pants-folk send you?

PF: But you have teeth and the creepy house and everything!

Vampire Pants: Ugh… OK, listen carefully: I’m just the pants of a Vampire.  Formerly, even. Bleh!

Roy: If you’re not a Vampire, then why do you keep saying “bleh”?

Vampire Pants: Because I have a speech impediment!  Bleh! Bleh!

PF: Oh.  So we should not be terrified of you?

Vampire Pants: Bleh no!

Huzzah and bleh! DISCOVERY!!!

Discovery 9

Current Mood: Terror to relief in no time!
Discoveries Made: Vampire Pants!

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