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Blobby Log Day 136

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 9: Pantsylvania > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 136
Weather: Still pretty thundery and lightningy...
Landscape: Vampire Pants Estate.


I am quite impressed and relieved that you are not a vampire, Vampire Pants!

Vampire Pants: Thank you so much for BELIEVING me!  BLEH!

Roy: So you were once owned by a vampire, I get that – but what’s up with the fangs?

Vampire Pants: I fell off my Vampire Bicycle when I was just a wee Knickerbocker and I broke my teeth into these little points.  And I do not have DENTAL INSURANCE!  BLEH BLEH!


Vampire Pants:
But these pointy little guys are great for puncturing the tops of tomato cans and just SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF THEM.

That really does not help your image though…

Vampire Pants:

What happened to the vampire you used to belong to?

Vampire Pants:
I don’t know!  But I just had to get away from him.  So spooky – all that night-stalking and blood-sucking…  It made my TUMMY TURN!  BLEH! BLEH!

Do you not ever worry that the vampire will come after you?

Vampire Pants:
Not really – he’s not going to go running around outside in public without any pants on!

Hm.  Twue that.

Vampire Pants:
Besides, I have bigger issues to, bleh, deal with.

Such as?

Vampire Pants:
All the other Pants in Pantsylvania think ME the bloodsucking hollow-weenie!  They camp out by my door and yell the most awful things!

Well here is my current plan for us – perhaps my gang and I go outside and talk to the throngs of people.  We can try and convince them that you are not a vampire, and also locate some plaid pants like mine that maybe know where Professor Island is.

Vampire Pants:
You can try, but they’re not very reasonable.

I am built of try!

Vampire Pants:

Current Mood: Determined to talk sense to Pants!
Discoveries Made: I have heard that it is not wise to keep ones brain in ones pants. We shall see how this goes!

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Blobby Log Day 135

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 9: Pantsylvania > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Dusk; Day 135
Weather: I own these clouds, yos!
Landscape: Ever-shifting!


What a marvelous trip!  If I were not worried about getting home to Professor Island so badly, I would have stopped to see more sights!  I should really transcontinentally fly more frequently!  I got to see beautiful Mount Feroshi, Ninjatown, that dread Dark Forest, the Hot Dog Kingdom, Bean Village, and your home Mostachia – the Moustachio Territory.  I am becoming quite the mental cartographer!

Moustachia: UGH.  I’m bawed!

PF: I am bored too.

Blobby: Hey, what’s that pants-shaped building?

Roy: Looks a little spooky!

PF: Could it be we are finally at Pantsylvania!  Let us take her down on the roof of that scary pants-shaped mansion and find out!  Descend!  Descend!

Blobby: Who’s he talking to?

PF: I shall fasten the anchor here.  Now let us see if anyone is at home.  Hullo!  Hullo in there!  Any helpful ghouls?



PF, Blobby, Roy, Moustachia: Ahhhhh!

Blobby: Where did that lightning come from?

PF: That does not matter!  Who said that?

?: Me!


PF, Blobby, Roy, Moustachia: Ahhhhh!

Blobby: It’s not even cloudy…

DISCOVERY!?: Why did you land on my house?  Bleh!

PF: We… we…  wanted to…

?: Bleh!  Bleh!  Out with it!

PF: Oh please do not murder us, Mr. Vampire!  I am still relatively youngish!

Vampire: Bleh?


Not a Vampire: Bleh!  For the last time, I’m not a Vampire!  Did those other narrow-minded Pants-folk send you?

PF: But you have teeth and the creepy house and everything!

Vampire Pants: Ugh… OK, listen carefully: I’m just the pants of a Vampire.  Formerly, even. Bleh!

Roy: If you’re not a Vampire, then why do you keep saying “bleh”?

Vampire Pants: Because I have a speech impediment!  Bleh! Bleh!

PF: Oh.  So we should not be terrified of you?

Vampire Pants: Bleh no!

Huzzah and bleh! DISCOVERY!!!

Discovery 9

Current Mood: Terror to relief in no time!
Discoveries Made: Vampire Pants!

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