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Blobby Log Day 143

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 10: Lumplands > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Morning; Day 143
Weather: Preachy.
Landscape: Super Lumpy.


Well, it has been SO LOVELY meeting you, Mr. Lump and chatting about… um… the environment and all…

Land Lump: Likewise, my child.

PF: Yes…

Land Lump: I am of the environment…

PF: Yes! We REALLY must be going though – we have, you know, AN ENTIRE ISLAND TO SAVE FROM EVIL and all…

Land Lump: Of course…

PF: Allllll right, let us…

Flying Devil #1: Heys! What’s thems?

Roy: Flying Devils!

PF: Eeep!

Blobby: We’re doomed!

Land Lump: Quickly, children – place these little Lumps on your heads.

PF: Huh?

Land Lump: The flying red anger will think you are just part of the Lumplands. Hurry!

PF: Very well… come here, you!

My Life Has Meaning!Little Lump: Tee hee! My life has meaning now!

PF: Ugh…

Flying Devil #1: Heys! What’s is goin’s on heres?

PF: (in a high-pitched, Lumpy voice) Oh, nothing at all, good sir! Just Lumping around!

Blobby: Yep! Lumpity doo da!

Roy: Mmmhmm!

Moustachia: We’w weawwy wumpy!

Flying Devil #1: Hmms… I don’ts knows…

Flying Devil #2: Hey, everyones knows that Lumps can’ts lie!

PF: (squeaky still) YES! We are allergic to fibbery!

Flying Devil #1: Okays, but we’s gonna stays patrolin’ the skies here…

Flying Devil #2: Yeahs – if somethin’ funny happens, yous is meat-dead-like!

PF: (so shrill, so shrill) Of course! We will resume our Lumping! Lump, lump, lump, lump… Eh, chums?

Blobby, Roy & Moustachia: Lump, lump, lump…

Flying Devil #1: What a bunch a maroons!

PF: Great. Now we cannot fly away. This is great… Super radical great…

Tattle Lump: Land Lump, the countryside! Look!

Land Lump: What is that, my little… OH MY SWEET GOODNESS NO!

PF: Whassat?

Land Lump: Look at all this LITTER! On my hilly Lumps! Oh no… oh goodness…

Roy: Hey, PF – isn’t that the garbage we dumped to lighten the Dirigible?

PF: Shh!


PF: Hmm… Yes… a real bum out, to be sure. I wish that we could stay and help, but we really must figure out how to leave… without flying… or removing these squishy camouflage Lumps from our noggins… Ugh…

Land Lump: AHHHH!

Current Mood: Confuzzled. That is right. I am confuzzled to the maximum.
Discoveries Made: The texture of the underside of a Lump.

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 142

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 10: Lumplands > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Noon; Day 142
Weather: Clear as heck!
Landscape: Hilly grassy hills of lumpy grassy hills.


Faster!  On to Foodlandia!  Double our speed!


Dump anything that slows us down overboard!


Get rid of all those used pie tins!  Do it now!  We do not need all these empty Bean cans and jars of warm Hot Dog water!  Get rid of all those plastic rings that used to house six-packs of Ginger Fizz.  Really, why were we keeping this stuff?  And what is this random log just sitting here? Toss it!

Wha!? Hey!

Oh, right.  We must not dump the Blobby Log… yet.  Are you sure you know how to get to Foodlandia, Hank?

Stubbler Hankie:

Very good.  Oh I do so hope we are able to beat Mr. Demon and his minions to Professor Island so he does not exploit all her natural resources.

What natuwal wesouwces?

Why knowledge and history and LOGIC, for starters.  In all my travels throughout these lands, I believe I have missed the cold, uncaring embrace of logic and reason the most.

Hey, PF – what’s that in the distance?

I do not know… it is like an undulating red thunder cloud.  Let me look upon it through my Expandable Monocular Discoverator…

What is it, Mama?

*ulp!* Oh dear.  Oh no, oh dear.  Mr. Demon is barreling towards us with more Devils than I have ever seen!  Gah!  We are done for!

But on a cloud?

O the fiends sit atop a wicked throne of the darkest vapor!  He wields weather patterns, the very moisture from the heavens, as his sinister Armageddon chariot!

Why is he talking wike that?

PF gets a little end-timesy when he’s scared…

Our day of judgment is nigh!


PF!  Land the airship behind that Dirigible-shaped hill!  Before Mr. Demon spots us!

A fate-defying suggestion!  Very well.  Descend!  Descend!

*F W O O O o o o O O O o o o M M psshhhhh*

Mr. Demon: Hey, did you guys see that big pimple-lookin’ thing fall out of the sky?

How dare he!


Flying Devil:
Noes, Boss.  We was havin’s evil-types day-dreams!

Mr. Demon:
Ah.  Carry on…

*W E E E e e R S S s S H H h h hH h bbbbbbraaaappppp!*

Mr. Demon: Professor Island, here we come!

PF: I shall show him a pimple!

Roy: That doesn’t sound right…

Blobby: PF, we can’t fight that many devils… especially without the Ninjas around… Man…

PF: *sigh* Truly.  If not for this rotund lump of land, we would already be goners…

?: It is my pleasure, brother.

PF: !  Who is speaking?

Roy: Was it that rock with a face?

PF: Yes – were you speaking at us, Face-Rock?


DISCOVERY!?: Guess again, my child.

PF: A ventriloquist rock, eh?  I am not impressed, Face-Rock!  My home is in peril!

Land Lump: Not the Lump, lad – the Land.  The Lump of Land itself, my child.

PF: Holy cripes, the hills have eyes!

Roy: And a mouth!

Land Lump: Tee-hee – when you run around in a panic like that it tickles!

PF: My goodness – we are treading about on this creature’s FACE!

Land Lump: No no.  Be unalarmed.  My face’s purpose is to be walked upon.  I quite enjoy it.  I hope you can grok that as well, earth children.

PF: Hmm… Well, I mean, I AM grateful for your shielding us.  Thank you, Lump of Land – I guess we were lucky to Discover you.

Land Lump: Oh, it is all MY PLEASURE.  Seriously.

PF: Hm… Yes… Discovery…

Land Lump

Current Mood: Kinda creeped out...
Discoveries Made: Land Lump!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤