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Blobby Log Day 92

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Late Morning; Day 92
Weather: Like the first time I have ever felt the sun!
Landscape: The soon-to-be shrinking huts of Ninjatown.


I am sorry to be running off, Old Master Ninja Man, but if Mr. Demon is going after my beloved home, I must hurry to stop him!

Ol’ Master Ninja: I understand the need to protect one’s home, but you should rest more too.  I don’t think you’re totally healed… mentally.

PF: I will try to rest on the dirigible ride back to sweet Professor Island!  Do you have any tips on how I can continue my meditation?

Ol’ Master Ninja: Well, it seems that all lands have a Mr. Demon of sorts, and you need to make sure you deal with the Mr. Demon inside your fears before you can deal with the Mr. Demon inside your island.  Does that make sense?

PF: Sort of!  But, where is my inner Mr. Demon?  And, for that matter, where is my island?

Ol’ Master Ninja: Well, you had a lot of evil built up in your right elbow.  That is actually how we were able to save you – by focusing the friendship attacks on your evil right elbow.  Consequently, your elbow patch is a little scuffed up. Sorry.

PF: S’alright…

Ol’ Master Ninja: You also mentioned something about the world being like a moving body.  Therefore, if your body is a world, then your right elbow is the Northwest – maybe that’s where Professor Island is!

PF: That does not seem like very sound logic, but it is all I have!  Hurry up, friends – we must fly to the Northwest – the right elbow of the universe!

Blobby: Wasn’t PF talking about his right knee?

PF: Goodbye, Old Master Ninja – your assistance in my life will be measured favorably in the books of History!

Ol’ Master Ninja: No problem!  Just keep up the meditations!

PF: Sure sure!

Roy: Goodbye, Ms. Pink Ninja!  Thank you for saving us!

Pink Ninja: Anytime, sugar beet!

Blobby: Bye, Ninja Consultant!  Thank you for your brave analytics!

Ninja Consultant: Bye now!  I’ll have to sit you all down for your exit interview another day!

Moustachia: Awevadehwchee!

PF: Away!  Mush!  Away!

Current Mood: Ready to go home.
Discoveries Made: The limits of Adventuring!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 88 (part three)

As written by Blobby in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Evening; Day 88
Weather: Stealthy.
Landscape: Ninjatown!


Pink Ninja: Ol’ Master Ninja – help!

Ol’ Master Ninja: Huh – wha?  Whozzat?  Oh, it’s you – what’s this doughy mound you’ve brought to my dojo?

Pink Ninja: His name if Professor Flaggins…

Blobby: Fliggins…

Pink Ninja: …and he’s been infected with Dark Syrup for more than ten days!  Can you help him?

PF: *gurgle gurgle froggy went a-courtin’…  crambo…*

Ol’ Master Ninja: Zounds!  A Professor!  My sweet sweet goodness!  I will do my best, but the Dark Syrup is a most powerful goo!  It’s evil stems from the very beginning of everything!

Moustachia: You have to save Mama!

Ol’ Master Ninja: Okay, floating friend – I will save your Mama – leave her…

Blobby: Him…

Ol’ Master Ninja: Leave IT here.  Everyone, please wait in the Meditation Bistro until I fetch you.  I have many ancient, mediciney stuffs that I must do…

Pink Ninja: Of course, Sensei.  Can I get you anything?

Ol’ Master Ninja: No.  Thank you.

Pink Ninja: Okay.

Ol’ Master Ninja: Well, could you maybe get me a green tea smoothie?

Pink Ninja: Sure.  Wasabi cream?

Ol’ Master Ninja: Oh yes, please!  Let me go retrieve my Ol’ Master Coin Purse…

Pink Ninja: I got it.

Ol’ Master Ninja: Thank you, dearie.  Now – time to combat the forces of evil!

Current Mood: Helpless.
Discoveries Made: Ol' Folk!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 88 (part two)

As written by Blobby in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 88
Weather: Speedy.
Landscape: Same evil trees...


Blobby: We’re lucky all those Flying Devils aren’t in the Dark Forest…

Pink Ninja: Good point.  I’m glad the other Pink Ninjas took care of trouncing their heinies so they couldn’t chase us in this Dirigible…

PF: *grumble groan…  so…  hungy…*

Roy: Hungy?

Pink Ninja: We gotta get Professor Fluggins…

Blobby: Fliggins…

Pink Ninja: …to Ol’ Master Ninja to cure him.  If we’re too late, the Dark Syrup will infect him forever!

PF: *I was told… cheese.*

Moustachia: Will Ow’ Mastew save Mama?

Pink Ninja: I hope so, Moustachia.  Ol’ Master Ninja knows all kinds of ancient, mediciney stuff.  If anyone can help your Mama, it’s the Ol’ Master.

Moustachia: *sniffle*

Roy: Poor, PF…  Hey, Ms. Ninja, remember when you said my cheeks were adorable?

Pink Ninja: Yes?

Blobby: UGH.  Get a room!

Roy: Shut up!

Pink Ninja: There’s Ninjatown!  Hang on, I’m bringin’ her down!

Roy: You’re get a room…

Current Mood: Hopeful!
Discoveries Made: Ninjatown!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 87 (part one)

As written by Blobby in Chapter 5: Ninjatown > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Late Morning; Day 87
Weather: Not Dark!
Landscape: The Battlefield!


Blobby: Thanks so much for saving us, Ms. Pink Ninja, ma’am.

Pink Ninja: It’s no problem, Blobby.  We’re always happy to thwart Mr. Demon’s dim-witted minions!

Blobby: And an excellent thwarter you are!  But, well, our boss, Professor Fliggins, is still trapped in that Mr. Demon’s lair.

Pink Ninja: Oh no!  Wait…  do you like your boss?

Blobby: He’s all right.

Moustachia: We wove him!

Pink Ninja: Oh no!  Hmm… we’re not super sure where Mr. Demon’s lair is.  And even if we did, it’ll be pretty heavily guarded.

Roy: Maybe we could ask that fake Flying Devil we captured how to get there.

Pink Ninja: Good idea, my seven-footed friend!  Hey, ugly, where’s Mr. Demon’s lair?

Flying Devil: I’ll nevers tell!  Nevers! Not a peepz!

*slippity slap tap tap slap*

Flying Devil: Ow!  Quit it nowz!  My face and brains hurts sumpin’ ouch!  Ow!  It’s in the Grumpy Tree, just Souths of the Stink Lagoon!

Pink Ninja: I knew it!  All right, girls, you want to go infiltrate the Dark Forest and save this Professor Floggins?

Pink Ninjas: Yeah!

Blobby: It’s Fliggins, but yeah!  Let’s do it!

Flying Devil: Good luck, here come somes of my buddies to saves me!

Flying Devils: Let’s go get that joik backs – he owes me monies!

Pink Ninja: Oh no!  All right, gang, you fight off these Devils and hold ‘em here, I’m gonna take this piece of wood into the Dark Forest and infiltrate Mr. Demon’s lair covert-style.

Blobby: Like a snake!

Pink Ninja: No, like a Ninja.

Blobby: That too!

SWOOOSH!Pink Ninja: Gimme those detachable wings, Flying Devil…

* R R R R R R I I I P ! ! ! *

Flying Devil: Ows, my dignity and shoulders is bruised, simultaneous-like!

Pink Ninja: I’ll just attach these with some Ninja Gum and AWAY WE GO!

Blobby: Don’t worry, PF – we’re comin’ for ya!

Moustachia: Hooway!

Current Mood: Adventuresome!
Discoveries Made: Detachable Wings!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤

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Blobby Log Day 81

As written by Blobby in Chapter 4: Dark Forest > Vol. 1

Timestamp: ...; Day 81
Weather: ...
Landscape: ...


PF: Oweeeee!

Torture SpaBlobby:
That Torture Spa sounds pretty brutal.  Mr. Demon’s been working PF over for a while now.  I wish there was something I could do to help, but now that I’m photopainting AND typing the log, I can’t get away.  What am I to do?

Moustachia: I can fwy to get hewp.

An adorable proposition, Moustachia, but I couldn’t let you go out alone.  You’re just a baby!

Moustachia: YOU’W the baby!

Flying Devil:
Hey checks this out, fellas – I stole some sorta experrymintal-type Dark Syrup anteedote from Ninjatown!

Blobby: ?

Devils: Oh man!  That’s the bizness right there!  How’d you do it?!  How’d you get it?

Flying Devil:
I planted cherry bombz in Mount Feroshi so doze dummy-head Ninjas would thunk it was eruptin’!  Thens I snucked into their not-so-secret Anti-Dark Forest dojo and swipeded it while theys wuz all tryin’ ta appease Feroshi the Dino Slug!  I’m the awesomest!

Devils: You sure am!

Blobby: Antidote?!  We must get enough to awaken Roy from his Dark Syrup trance.  Moustachia, do you think you can fly over to soak some up in your whisker body?

Moustachia: You got it, dewd!

Blobby: If we wake up Roy then he can take back his photopainting duties and we’ll run to this Ninjatown place to get help and rescue PF!

PF: Owee-ow-ow!  My goodness!

Current Mood: ...
Discoveries Made: I can't draw!

Hereinto referenced: ¤ ¤ ¤