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Blobby Log Day 97

As written by Professor Fliggins in Chapter 6: Isle of Detached Shawnimals > Vol. 1

Timestamp: Afternoon; Day 97
Weather: Accepting!
Landscape: Familiarish!


Bingo Clem: …basically, the Isle of Detached Shawnimals is just that – a place where the detached can convene.  We welcome all those misfits who no longer fit in.  I’ve noticed you all staring at my head.

PF, Blobby, Roy, & Moustachia: NO!

PF: It is impolite to stare – no matter how freaky one’s head growths appear to be!

Bingo Clem: It’s okay!  Everything about this place and everything about me is detached and happier to be here reformed!  For instance, this black nub jutting out of my forehead – this used to be the arm of a Ninja who worked way too hard, constantly running data analyses and focus groups, his little arm got so tired of busy consultant work that it decided to pop off and run away here – or so I’ve been told.  Sometimes, the detached decide to become fully aware and alive – like my claw body.  Other times, the detached pieces just like to come here and live a relaxing and worry-free life.  That’s what the lizard tail and this Ninja nub have done and I think I look quite fetching as a result!

Roy: Sure you are!

Blobby: This is pretty interesting, Mr. Clem.  But, what do you mean when you say “everything” here is detached?

Bingo Clem: Well, for instance, this shack is made from the bark of Dark Forest trees that came here to no longer be evil – we get all of our wood this way.  And you’re familiar with Freckle Beach and Face-water River – the sand of Freckle Beach is actually the freckles of hundreds of creatures from around the world, the Face-water River are tears and spit, both frequently unappreciated, discarded parts of heads.  We put so much shame in freckles and tears, we hide them under make-ups and in hankies.  Here they don’t have to be ashamed for merely existing.  Here they are welcome and free.  This place, you’ll soon see, is an oasis of unique and delightfully peculiar beauty.

Blobby: Crazy.  Really, this is fascinating and all, but why are you keeping us here and telling us this?

Bingo Clem: It’s my job to welcome all the newly arrived immigrants of disillusionment!  You detached fellows no longer need to feel alone again!

PF: What a homecoming!  I DID feel so alone back on the old Professor Island!  This new Professor Island of the Detached should be a wonderful place to retire FOREVER!

Blobby: PF, stop, you’re confusing everyone.  This isn’t Professor Island.

PF: Rutabagas!

Blobby: Ugh.  Mr. Clem, our comrade here isn’t well, he’s recently been under the spell of Dark Syrup so he thinks he’s home…

PF: I am home!

Bingo Clem:
I think he may be home too, tiny friendship.  Our borders only open up for the detached.  Even though Mr. Fliggins is a little dazed, he seems to be a misfit, just like us, and I believe you all will fit in nicely here… for the rest of time!

Moustachia: Wuh-woh.

Roy: But we’re all pretty whole, except for flying ‘stachia over here…

Bingo Clem: Perhaps you think that you’re whole, but there’s a piece of all of your soul-parts that’s detached from something.  Perhaps you’re detached from your old home, perhaps you’re detached from your old self and mistakes.  Perhaps you belong here now.  AND THUS CONCLUDES ISLE ORIENTATION.  Let us proceed to happiness eternal!  Come with me.

PF: Smashing!

Roy: Wait!

Blobby: Guys, if we don’t snap PF out of it, we’ll never get back to Professor Island to save it from Mr. Demon!

Current Mood: Heroic.
Discoveries Made: The beginning of everlasting peace.

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